Angry Foreigner – Arg Blatte

~*~*~*~Sassy Slavic Social Satire~*~*~*~

UNOFFICIAL AMBASSADOR OF SWEDEN – or #SJWeden, since Sweden is what Tumblr would look like if it were a country.

Angry Foreigner is so edgy he becomes a zenautistic circle. Many have invented names to try and make sense of this monstrous reflection of the modern world it’s forced to reside in. Angry Goatfucker. Angry Foreskin. Angry Fellatio. Angry Welfare Recipient. White Devil man, etc. Regardless, names aren’t important – since sources can be found in the video description. And in the information age, that’s all that really matters 😀

Videos in both English and Swedish, look up the guide on subtitles I’ve uploaded.

Be aware that YouTubes been broken for a long time, so videos aren’t being sent out to subscribers.
Set a weekly alarm on your phones clock-app instead, and check in on this channel for some more edgelord adventures!

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